Dower College Registration Dates 2024

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Dower College Registration Dates 2024

Dower College Registration Dates 2024 What courses do the Dower campus offer?

If you’re considering pursuing higher education or vocational training at Dower College in 2024, it’s crucial to stay informed about the registration dates. Proper planning and timely action can ensure a smooth enrollment process and secure your place at this esteemed institution. In this article, we will provide you with the essential information regarding the registration dates for Dower College in 2024, allowing you to prepare and navigate the application process with confidence. Registration dates play a significant role in the application process for any educational institution. They indicate the period during which prospective students can complete their registration and secure their place at Dower College. By understanding and adhering to these dates, you can avoid missing out on opportunities and ensure a smooth transition into your desired program.

Mark your calendar and take note of the dates for Dower College in 2024. By understanding and adhering to these dates, you can ensure a seamless enrollment process and secure your place in your desired program. Stay organized, gather the necessary documents, and complete the registration form accurately. Prepare in advance to meet the registration deadline and embark on an exciting educational journey at Dower College.

Requirements Of Students who transfer from another FET College

  • A letter from the former institution confirming that they have been de-registered.
  • A certified copy of your ID card
  • On College letterhead, a report on their academic background, including results from Internal Continuous Assessment (ICASS) and Integrated Summative Assessment (ISAT).
  • If transferring during the academic year, the student’s Portfolios of Evidence for all disciplines from the previous university.
  • A certificate of good standing from their former educational institution.

Admission Requirement for Dower College Registration (What courses does the Dower campus offer?)

  • Grade 9 for N1 admission
  • Grade 12 for N4 admission
  • Grade 12, Statement of results, Identity Document (ID).

Dower College Registration Dates for 2024

The registration dates for Dower College in 2024 are as follows:

  • Registration Opens: 28th of September 2024
  • Registration Closes: 25th October 2024

NOTE; Please note that it is essential to submit your registration within the specified timeframe to be considered for admission. Missing the registration deadline may result in your application being delayed or even rejected.

Courses offered at Dower College

The programmes offered at this campus are:

National Certificate Vocational (NCV)

  • National Certificate Safety in Society
  • National Certificate Management
  • National Certificate Office Administration

Post Matric – (Full-time / Part-time)

National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (Nated)

  • Business management N4-N6
  • Human Resources Management N4- N6
  • Management Assistant N4 – N6
  • Public Management N4 – N6

Occupational School

  • Business Studies

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How to Register for Dower College in 2024

To successfully register for Dower College in 2024, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Dower College Website
  • Review the Requirements
  • Complete the Application Form…Click HERE
  • Submit Supporting Documents
  • Pay the Registration Fee
  • Review and Confirm

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Central Administration

Tel: 041 509 6000


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