Ehlanzeni Tvet College Online Application 2024 Download

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Ehlanzeni Tvet College Online Application 2024 Download

Ehlanzeni Tvet College Online Application 2024 Download Which courses does Ehlanzeni College offer?

Applying to Ehlanzeni TVET College in 2024 has never been easier. With the advent of online applications, prospective students can now complete the application process conveniently from the comfort of their own homes. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of Ehlanzeni TVET College’s online application for 2024, including how to download the necessary forms. Prepare to embark on an exciting educational journey with Ehlanzeni TVET College.

Ehlanzeni TVET College is a reputable institution in South Africa, offering a diverse range of vocational and occupational programs. With a focus on practical skills development and industry relevance, the college equips students with the knowledge and expertise needed for successful careers. Ehlanzeni TVET College is committed to providing quality education and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

The Ehlanzeni TVET College online application for 2024 provides a convenient and efficient way for prospective students to apply. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you can navigate the application process seamlessly. Embrace the opportunities offered by Ehlanzeni TVET College and embark on a rewarding educational journey. Download the application form, complete it accurately, and submit it online to secure your place at Ehlanzeni TVET College.

Follow The Steps Below to apply to Ehlanzeni Tvet College

  • Student Information… APPLY NOW
  • Student Contact Details
  • Biographical Information
  • Health Information
  • Course to Study
  • Upload Documents (Certified Copies Only)

Campuses available at Ehlanzeni Tvet College

  • Barberton
  • KaNyamazane
  • Mapulaneng
  • Mashishing
  • Mlumati
  • Mthimba
  • Mbombela

Courses offered at Ehlanzeni Tvet College (Which courses does Ehlanzeni College offer?)

  • Pre-Vocational Learning Programme (PLP)
  • Career Path for PLP Student
  • NC(V) Programme
  • Report 191 (Nated) Programme

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General Enquiries

  • Contact Details:

Tel : +27 (0)13 752 7105


  • Student Support

Contact Details:

Tel : +27 (0)13 752 7105


  • Finance

Contact Details:

Tel : +27 (0)13 752 7105


  • Address

Physical Address:

Corporate Centre, 29 Bell Street Nelspruit, 1200

Postal Address:
Private Bag X11297, Nelspruit, 1200


Ehlanzeni TVET College Prospectus 2024-2025 PDF

Ehlanzeni TVET College Online Courses 2024-2025

Ehlanzeni TVET College Online Application form 2024-2025

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