How do I check my Majuba Status?

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How do I check my Majuba Status?

How do I check my Majuba Status? Is Majuba open for the 2024 application?

When applying to Majuba College, it’s important to stay informed about the status of your application. Checking your application status ensures that you are updated on the progress of your admission and any further steps you may need to take. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to check your Majuba status, ensuring that you have the information you need at your fingertips.

Majuba TVET College is committed to education and training, using cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching methodologies, to enhance and optimise teaching and learning opportunities. Situated in Newcastle, Northern KwaZulu-Natal, the College plays a significant role in the holistic development of our students, as part of preparing them for the world of work. In addition to the Ministerial programmes, namely, the National Certificate (Vocational) and Report 191 (N1-N6); the College offers NQF-aligned Learnerships (in collaboration with Business and Industry), Skills Programmes and Apprenticeship Training. The College regards itself as an important social partner in realising the shared socioeconomic objectives of the local, provincial and national governments. To this end, the College creates access to education and training opportunities; and empowers our students with the relevant knowledge and skills to become economically active citizens.

Admission Requirement

A student is required to satisfy the following requirements. He/she must have:

  • Achieved the N4, N5 and N6 Certificates; with a minimum of twelve instructional offerings (i.e. subjects);
  • A minimum of two instructional offerings on the N6 level must be relevant to the candidate’s vocation;
  • Completed the relevant DHET application form, requesting to be awarded the National N-Diploma. This application form must be accompanied by a detailed letter from the student’s Employer/s, confirming that the student has acquired the relevant workplace experience in the required time.
  • All applications are done via the relevant College Examination Centres. Such applications are reviewed and, where appropriate recommended by the Academic Board of the College to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

Step 1: Visit the Majuba College Website: Is Majuba open for the 2024 application?

To check your Majuba status, start by visiting the official Majuba College website. Open your preferred web browser and type in the college’s web address:

Step 2: Navigate to the Admissions Page:

Once you are on the Majuba College website, navigate to the “Admissions” section. Look for a tab or link labelled “Admissions” or “Applications.” This section typically provides information related to applications and admission processes.

Step 3: Find the Application Status Portal:

Within the Admissions section, search for an application status portal or a similar feature specifically designed for checking your application status. Majuba College may have an online system that allows applicants to track their application progress.

Step 4: Enter Required Information:

Once you’ve located the application status portal, you will likely be prompted to enter specific information. This typically includes details such as your application reference number, identification number, or email address used during the application process. Fill in the required fields accurately.

Document required for online registration to Majuba TVET College

Certified copies of;

  • proof of highest qualification passed
  • applicants ID
  • parent/guardian ID
  • proof of NSFAS application

Step 5: Submit and Check Your Status:

After entering the necessary information, click on the “Submit” or “Check Status” button. The system will then process your request and display the current status of your application. This may include information on whether your application is under review, accepted, or rejected, or if any additional documents are required.

Step 6: Contact the Admissions Office (if needed):

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding your Majuba status, it’s recommended to contact the college’s admissions office directly. They will be able to provide you with personalized assistance and address any concerns you may have.

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Checking your Majuba status is an important step in staying informed about the progress of your application. By following the step-by-step guide provided, you can easily navigate the Majuba College website, find the application status portal, and check your status online. Remember to enter accurate information and reach out to the admissions office if you need further assistance. Being aware of your Majuba status ensures that you are up to date with the admission process and can take any necessary actions accordingly. Good luck with your application to Majuba College! APPLY NOW 


Phone: 034 326 4888

Fax: 034 326 4889

Physical Address: 83 Allen Street,

Newcastle, 2940


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