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Ingwe Tvet College Maluti

Ingwe Tvet College Maluti How can I apply to Maluti College?

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Eastern Cape, Maluti Campus offers a gateway to quality education and a stepping stone towards a successful career. With a commitment to excellence in vocational training, Maluti Campus provides a wide range of courses designed to equip students with the practical skills and knowledge demanded by today’s industries. In this article, we will explore the unique offerings of the Maluti Campus, highlighting the educational opportunities and resources available to students in this vibrant academic environment.

Ingwe TVET College Maluti Campus is a hub of educational excellence in the heart of the Eastern Cape. With a wide range of courses, experienced faculty, modern facilities, and student support services, the campus provides a nurturing environment for students to unlock their potential and pursue their dreams. Whether you aspire to be a skilled technician, a proficient business professional, or a hospitality expert, Maluti Campus is dedicated to equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed for success in your chosen field. Embrace the opportunities available at Maluti Campus and embark on a transformative educational journey that will shape your future.

The application process to Ingwe TVET College (How can I apply to Maluti College?)

  • Have all the required documents saved on your device in pdf format?
  • Click APPLY to link to the application portal
  • Select a course
  • Complete all the information in respect of the course you want to offer.
  • Complete all the screens on the applications portal.
  • Once the screens are completed, you will be asked to upload your document.
  • If all information has been correctly filled in you can click on submit button.

Courses offered at Ingwe Tvet College Maluti

Report 191

  • Financial Management
  • Business Management
  • Human Resources Management


  • Marketing
  • Office Administration
  • Finance, Economics and Accounting

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Contact us on:

Mli Road

Maluti, 4720

Tel: 039 940 2142 Ext 500

Campus Manager: Mrs C. N. Mgoboza


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