SWGC Application Closing Date

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SWGC Application Closing Date

SWGC Application Closing Date Which courses are still available at SWGC?

If you’re considering applying to South West Gauteng TVET College (SWGC) and starting your journey towards a successful career, it’s essential to be aware of the application closing date. This crucial deadline marks the last opportunity for you to submit your application and secure your place at this esteemed institution. Read on to discover everything you need to know about SWGC’s application closing date and why you shouldn’t miss out. At SWGC, we understand the significance of providing aspiring students with ample time to prepare their applications. We want to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to apply and be considered for admission. Therefore, we set an application closing date that allows sufficient time for prospective students to gather the required documentation and submit their applications.

The exact application closing date may vary each year, so it’s vital to stay updated and plan accordingly. To find the most accurate and up-to-date information, visit the official SWGC website or reach out to our admissions department. They will provide you with the precise closing date for the current application cycle, along with any other essential details you may need. It’s important to note that missing the application closing date can have significant consequences. Once the deadline passes, SWGC will no longer accept new applications for the current intake. This means that if you fail to submit your application before the closing date, you may have to wait for the next application cycle to apply. Therefore, it’s crucial to mark the closing date on your calendar and ensure you submit your application well in advance.

SWGC Application closing date 

To maximize your chances of a successful application, we recommend starting the process early. Begin by thoroughly reviewing the admission requirements for your desired program at SWGC. Take the time to gather all the necessary documentation, such as academic transcripts, identification documents, and any additional materials specific to your chosen course of study.

Closing date for application at SWGC for the 2024-2025 academic year is 30th October 2024

SWGC Application Opening Date

The date for application open for SWGC 2024-2025 academic year is 1st September 2024

How to apply for SWGC Online Application(Which courses are still available at SWGC?)

  • Select your preferred programme of study.

The application form can be obtained from any part of the campuses or college sites and you can also go through the college prospectus and select the programmes that you will wish to study.

  • Application forms 2024

Make sure that the hard-copy application forms must be completed with a black pen then click HERE to apply and please note that the application form is not a registration form.

  • Supportting documenttion

All applicants are required to upload the necessary documentation and make sure they are available to upload or present to the college.

  • Application fee

There is no application fee required.

  • Submit application

Completed application forms must to sent to any of the campuses or the college sites in person.

  • Acceptance/non-acceptance letter

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance or non-acceptance status two weeks after receiving their application.

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Courses offered at SWGC

  • Business Studies NC(V) Level 2-4
  • Engineering Studies NC(V) Level 2-4
  • Utility Studies NC(V) Level 2-4
  • Report 191 / Nated N1-N6
  • Learnerships Programmes on Demand
  • Skills Programmes on Demand: Unit Standards

Campuses available at SWGC

  • Dobsonville campus
  • Goerge tabor campus
  • Molapo campus
  • Roodepoort Campus
  • Roodepoort west campus
  • Technisa campus

Contact Us On:

Email inquiries: headoffice@swgc.co.za

Call us: 010 141 1000

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