SWGC Bursaries Application

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SWGC Bursaries Application

SWGC Bursaries Application How do I qualify for a bursary?

The SWGC Bursaries Application is a gateway for students at South West Gauteng College to access valuable financial support for their educational endeavours. Bursaries provide students with the opportunity to pursue their studies without the burden of excessive financial strain. In this article, we will explore the significance of the SWGC Bursaries Application and provide guidance on how to navigate the process effectively. SWGC Bursaries are designed to assist students in covering their tuition fees, textbooks, and other educational expenses. These bursaries are awarded based on merit, financial need, or specific criteria set by the college or external funding organizations. The availability of bursaries opens doors for deserving students who may face financial constraints but have the drive and determination to excel in their studies.

The SWGC Bursaries Application is a crucial step in unlocking financial support for your education at South West Gauteng College. Applying for bursaries can alleviate the financial burden of your studies and provide access to valuable resources and support. By thoroughly researching available bursaries, preparing your application materials meticulously, and staying proactive throughout the application process, you increase your chances of securing financial assistance. Remember to adhere to application deadlines and stay in touch with the college’s financial aid office for updates and inquiries. Applying for SWGC Bursaries is an investment in your future, allowing you to focus on your studies and maximize your educational opportunities.

Benefits of Applying for SWGC Bursaries

  • Financial Relief
  • Access to Resources
  • Recognition and Support

How To Apply For The Bursary

  • Complete a bursary application available from any available student support office at the college campus.
  • Complete a means test at any of the student support offices at campuses (The means test is administrated to access your family’s financial aid).
  • A means test tool calculates what amount if any, your family will be expected to pay toward your studies for the year.


*** Applicants who are approved for Bursaries funding are covered for the following:

  • Registration
  • Tuition
  • Allowance
  • Food
  • Accommodation or transport
  • Learning material
  • Personal care

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Provide The Following Documents When Applying for SWGC Bursaries Application

The following documents are needed for the Online Bursaries Application 2024;

  • Authorized copies of Identity Documents/Birth Certificate
  • Original Academic Results Latest
  • Proof of parent’s income (If parent/s employed)
  • Death Certificate/s (If parent/s deceased)
  • Doctor’s Certificate (If permanently disabled)

Bursary Eligibility (How do I qualify for a bursary?)

SWGC Bursaries Application

  • The bursary scheme is only open to South African nationals.
  • Report 191/Nated or NC (V) students must be registered as well.
  • Bursaries are awarded to students who are both financially needy (poor) and academically successful.
  • A Means Test will be administered to each student to identify their financial need (This means that not every student eligible for a bursary will receive the same amount.)

Contact Details

HEAD OFFICEPhysical Address

1822 A Molele Street

C/O Koma Road And Molele Street

Molapo, Soweto

TEL: 086 176 8849

TEL: 011 527 8300 / 010 140 7942

FAX: 011 984 1262


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