Tvet Colleges Online Application Zambia

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Tvet Colleges Online Application Zambia

Tvet Colleges Online Application Zambia Which colleges are open for 2024?

The basic foundation for technical educational, vocational, and entrepreneurship training (TEVET) in Zambia is the TEVET Policy (1996). It recognizes the need to adapt TVET to a changing economy that, in comparison to previous years, is becoming increasingly reliant on the informal sector. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges in Zambia play a crucial role in providing practical skills and knowledge to individuals seeking career opportunities in various industries. In today’s digital age, the online application process for TVET colleges has revolutionized the way prospective students can apply and pursue their desired courses. In this article, we will explore the benefits and step-by-step process of applying to TVET colleges in Zambia through their user-friendly online application forms.

The online application process for TVET colleges in Zambia has simplified and streamlined the journey of prospective students. By leveraging the convenience and accessibility of online applications, individuals can save time, efficiently manage their documents, and stay informed about their application status. Follow the step-by-step guide provided above to navigate the online application process successfully. Embrace the digital era and unlock your potential by applying to TVET colleges in Zambia with ease and confidence.

Descriptions of grades:

  • Grade One – Very Good

The institution is a very good institution in terms of management, staff, and facilities and shows very few weaknesses.

  • Grade Two – Good

The institution offers good basic quality training but shows some problems in management, trainers qualifications or facilities. It shows more strengths than weaknesses but there are areas in need of improvement.

  • Grade Three – Satisfactory

The institution shows a mixture of strengths and weaknesses in the above-mentioned quality elements. It barely meets the minimum training standards.

List of Tevet Colleges in Zambia (Which colleges are open for 2024?)

There are 28 public institutions. The following is a list of the institutions:

  • Kasiya Business and Secretarial College
  • Chipata Trades Training Institute
  • Evelyn Hone College (EHC)
  • Gemstone and Lapidary Processing
  • Industrial Training Centre (ITC)
  • Isoka Trades Training Institute
  • Kabwe Institute of Technology
  • Kalabo Trades Training Institute
  • Kaoma Trades Training Institute
  • Kitwe Vocational Training Centre (KVTC)
  • Livingstone Institute for Business and Engineering Studies (LIBES)
  • Luanshya Technical and Business College (LTBC)
  • Lukashya Trades Training Institute (LTTI)
  • Lusaka Business and Technical College (LBTC)
  • Lusaka Vocational Training Centre (LVTC)
  • Mansa Trades Training Institute
  • Mongu Trades Training Institute
  • Mwense Trades Training Institute
  • Mwinilunga Trades Training Institute
  • Zambia Institute of Management (ZAMIM)
  • Nkumbi International College
  • Northern Technical College (NORTEC)
  • Solwezi Trades Training Institute
  • St.Mawagali Training Institute
  • Technical and Vocational Teachers’ College (TVTC)
  • Thorn Park Construction Training Centre
  • Ukwimi Trades Training Institute
  • Zambia Institute for Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP)

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Contact Information

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Technology and Science
Maxwell House, Los Angeles Boulevard
P. O. Box 50464, Lusaka, Zambia

Toll Free Zamtel:+260955624777
or 3363
Fax: +260-1-252951/252089


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