What Courses Does Elangeni College Offer?

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What Courses Does Elangeni College Offer?

What Courses Does Elangeni College Offer? Does Elangeni College have NCV?

Elangeni College is a renowned institution in South Africa that offers a wide array of courses designed to meet the educational and career needs of students. Whether you are looking to acquire skills in business, engineering, hospitality, or a variety of other fields, Elangeni College provides an extensive selection of programs. This article will delve into the diverse range of courses offered by Elangeni College, highlighting the opportunities available for prospective students.

As a public Technical Vocational Education and Training(TVET) provider, Elangeni TVET College strives to be a self-reliant TVET Institution that provides meaningful education and training, equipping students with qualifications and skills to start out on their chosen career path. At Elangeni TVET College, support is given to lifelong learning and students are taught by trained facilitators, assessors and moderators to ensure quality delivery in an assortment of subject fields. The programmes offered are customised and responsive to the needs of learners and industry. The careers they encourage are essential for the economic upliftment of the South African economy. Elangeni TVET College under the leadership of Ms. TJ Aryetey (Rector), is an ISO-9001 accredited organisation. It has several international partnerships with different countries, which includes Brish Council [UK] amongst others, and Nuffic [Netherlands]. The College is also part of the USA learner exchange program in Agriculture, working with the US embassy. Elangeni TVET College has also won international Awards for being the best African partner in the Brish Council “Skills for Employability Project”. The College’s vision for the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is to equip its students to have the necessary skills and knowledge, to be able to add value to their communities as well as the global markets. Elangeni TVET College (previously known as Sivananda FET College) came about after the merger of three previous public technical colleges in 2002: Pinetown, Sivananda (KwaMashu) and Ntuzuma Technical College. The College has grown with the addition of new campuses at Qadi (Bothas’s Hill), Ndwedwe, KwaDabeka, Inanda and Mpumalanga.

Document required for online registration to Elangeni TVET College

Certified copies of;

  • proof of highest qualification passed
  • applicants ID
  • parent/guardian ID
  • proof of NSFAS application

Requirement for applying to Elangeni TVET College

  • National certificate vocational level 4 (Business and Utility Studies) /Passed Matric/Grade 12/National certificate vocational Level 4 PLUS Specific requirements per programmes
  • Passed Matric/Grade 12/National certificate vocational Level 4 Plus Specific requirements per programmes
  • Grade 9 or higher pass/NQF level 1/AET level 4 – Specific selection criteria of the College. National Certificate Vocational Level 2 for level 3 and National Certificate Vocational level 3 for level 4
  • Grade 9 or higher pass/NQF level 1/AET level 4 – Specific selection criteria of the College. National Certificate Vocational Level 2 for level 3 and National Certificate Vocational level 3 for level 4


 Courses Offered at Elangeni College: Does Elangeni College have NCV?

Business Studies:

Elangeni College offers several business-related courses to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the corporate world. These courses include:

  • Management Assistant:

This program trains students in administrative and office management skills, including computer literacy, communication, and business writing.

  • Financial Management:

Students gain a solid foundation in financial management principles, accounting, budgeting, and financial analysis.

  • Marketing Management:

This course focuses on developing skills in marketing strategies, market research, advertising, and sales management.

Engineering Studies:

For those interested in pursuing a career in engineering, Elangeni College offers a range of courses in this field. These include:

  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction:

Students learn about electrical systems, installation, maintenance, and safety regulations.

  • Civil Engineering and Building Construction:

This program provides students with the knowledge and skills required for careers in construction and civil engineering.

  • Mechanical Engineering:

Students gain expertise in mechanical systems, including design, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Hospitality Studies:

Elangeni College recognizes the growing demand for skilled professionals in the hospitality industry. To meet this need, the college offers courses such as:

  • Professional Cookery:

This program provides students with the necessary culinary skills and knowledge to pursue careers as professional chefs.

  • Hospitality Services:

Students learn about front-of-house operations, including guest relations, reservations, and event planning.

  • Tourism:

This course covers the tourism industry, tourism marketing, tour guiding, and sustainable tourism practices.

Information Technology:

With the increasing reliance on technology in various industries, Elangeni College provides courses in information technology to equip students with relevant skills. These courses include:

  • Information Technology and Computer Science:

Students learn about computer hardware, software, programming, and networking.

  • Systems Development:

This program focuses on software development, database management, and web design.

  • Multimedia:

Students gain skills in graphic design, digital media production, and multimedia programming.

Other Courses:

Elangeni College offers additional courses in fields such as Education, Safety in Society, and Primary Health. These courses provide students with opportunities to pursue careers in teaching, community development, and healthcare.

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Elangeni College offers a diverse range of courses across various fields of study, providing students with ample opportunities to pursue their educational and career aspirations. Whether you are interested in business studies, engineering, hospitality, information technology, or other disciplines, Elangeni College caters to a wide range of interests. By enrolling in one of their programs, you can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in your chosen field. Visit the Elangeni College website or contact their admissions office to explore the specific courses available, admission requirements, and further details about each program. Embark on an enriching educational journey at Elangeni College and pave the way for a successful future. APPLY NOW

For more information visit Elangeni College

General Enquiries:

Central Office

15 Portsmouth Road

Pinetown, 3610

Private Bag x9032, Pinetown 3600

Phone: 031 716 6700 / 031 492 4363

Fax: 031 716 6777

Website: www.elangeni.edu.za




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