Which Courses are Still Available at Thekwini College?

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Which Courses are Still Available at Thekwini College?

Which Courses are Still Available at Thekwini College? Is Thekwini College still open for 2024?

Thekwini College, located in Durban, South Africa, is renowned for offering a wide range of courses across various fields. As you consider pursuing your educational journey at Thekwini College, it is crucial to be aware of the available courses to make an informed decision that aligns with your interests and career aspirations. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the courses still available at Thekwini College, helping you explore the diverse educational opportunities offered by the institution.

Thekwini TVET College, as a public technical and vocational education and training organisation, strives to fulfil its skills development mandate through high-quality teaching and learning and effective corporate governance.  We are guided by our vision, mission and values which enable us to achieve our operational targets which are aligned to the strategic goals of DHET. Thekwini TVET College submits its 5-year strategic plan to the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology for approval as per the requirements of Section 10(2)(a) of the Continuing Education and Training Act, No 16 of 2006 as amended.  The development of the strategic plan was informed by the National Development Plan (NDP) and its implementation plan as well as the Post-School Education and Training (PSET) Plan and all other relevant legal prescripts.  The development of the strategic plan takes into cognisance the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution and the vision of the 6th democratically elected government to serve the people of South Africa. Thekwini TVET College endeavours to support the achievement of strategic outcomes and national targets as outlined in the Department’s strategic documents, including these two sub-outcomes, namely: Sub-Outcome 2: Increased access and success in programmes leading to intermediate and high-level learning; and Sub-Outcome 4: Increased access to occupationally directed programmes in needed areas and expansion of the availability of intermediate level skills with a special focus on artisan skills and entrepreneurship.

Course Offerings at Thekwini College: Is Thekwini college still open for 2024?

Business Studies:

  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Office Administration.
  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Marketing.
  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Financial Management.
  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Management.
  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Hospitality.

Engineering Studies:

  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Civil Engineering and Building Construction.
  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Electrical Infrastructure Construction.
  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Engineering and Related Design.
  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Mechanical Engineering.

Information Technology and Computer Science:

  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Information Technology and Computer Science.
  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Computer Systems.
  • National Certificate (Vocational) in IT and Computer Science.

Art and Design:

  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Art and Design.

Hospitality Studies:

  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Hospitality.

Education and Training:

  • National Certificate (Vocational) in Education and Development.

Please note that this list provides a general overview of the available courses at Thekwini College and may not be exhaustive. It is advisable to visit the college’s official website or contact the admissions office directly for the most up-to-date and detailed information on the courses offered.

How to Choose the Right Course:

Choosing the right course is crucial for your personal and professional development. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a course at Thekwini College:

  • Interest and Passion:

Choose a course that aligns with your interests and passions. This will enhance your motivation and enjoyment throughout your studies.

  • Career Goals:

Consider the career paths and opportunities associated with each course. Research the job market and industry demand for graduates in your chosen field.

  • Entry Requirements:

Familiarize yourself with the entry requirements for each course. Ensure that you meet the necessary academic qualifications and any specific prerequisites.

  • A year-end school report for grades 9,10,11 and 12
  • An NQL level 1 qualification
  • An approved bridging program designed for the specific purpose to access NQF level 2.
  • Recognition of prior learning assessment to meet basic requirements for access to NQF level 2
  • Senior certificate/N3 or grade 12 for N4,N4 FOR N5 & N5 & N6

Duration and Mode of Study:

Consider the duration and scheduling of the course. Determine whether it is offered on a full-time or part-time basis, as well as any flexible learning options available.

Support and Resources:

Explore the support services and resources provided by Thekwini College for each course. This may include access to libraries, laboratories, industry connections, and career guidance.

Thekwini College offers a diverse range of courses across multiple disciplines, providing students with ample opportunities to pursue their educational and career goals. By exploring the available courses and considering your interests, career aspirations, and personal preferences, you can make an informed decision when selecting a course at Thekwini College. Remember to consult the college’s official website or contact the admissions office for detailed information regarding course availability, entry requirements, and any other relevant details. Embark on your educational journey at Thekwini College and unlock a world of opportunities for personal and professional growth. APPLY NOW

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