Which TVET Colleges Offer Nsfas?

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Which TVET Colleges Offer Nsfas?

Which TVET Colleges Offer Nsfas?  Is NSFAS open for 2024 applications?

Umfolozi TVET College, located in KwaZulu-Natal, is among the TVET institutions that offer NSFAS funding. The college provides a wide range of programs in fields such as Engineering, Business, Hospitality, and Creative Arts. Through its partnership with NSFAS, Umfolozi TVET College strives to make education accessible to deserving students, enabling them to pursue their studies without the burden of financial constraints.

To complete an online application

  1. Log into your myNSFAS account and click on the APPLY tab.
  2. Answer the questions on the screen
  3. Upload the required supporting documents then click on SUBMIT
  4. Your application reference number will appear on the screen. The reference number will also be sent to the cellphone number and email address you provided.

Central Johannesburg TVET College is another institution that participates in the NSFAS program. With campuses situated in and around Johannesburg, this college offers various programs in fields like Engineering, Business Studies, and Information Technology. Through NSFAS funding, Central Johannesburg TVET College aims to support students who require financial assistance, opening doors to quality education and empowering them for future career prospects.

Who can appeal?

A student whose application for financial aid is rejected or the financial aid for a continuing student is withdrawn, may lodge an appeal with the NSFAS.

  1. The appeal decisions are subject to budget availability.
  2. Appeals will only be considered for students who have applied to NSFAS for Financial Aid.

Tshwane South TVET College, located in Gauteng, is committed to ensuring equal access to education. The college participates in the NSFAS program, offering financial aid to eligible students. With a wide range of programs in fields like Business Studies, Engineering, and Information Technology, Tshwane South TVET College creates opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to pursue their educational aspirations.

Who cannot appeal?

Students are not permitted to appeal if they:

Are registered for a qualification that NSFAS does not fund;

  1. They have reached N+2 (or N+3 in the case of students with disabilities).
  2. The student is a gap year student who NSFAS previously denied financial aid to because s/he did not meet the academic eligibility criteria.
  3. If the institution has not submitted its registration record to NSFAS or has submitted an incorrect registration record such enquiries should be directed to the institution.

Capricorn TVET College, situated in Limpopo, is also part of the NSFAS initiative. The college offers programs in fields such as Engineering Studies, Business Studies, and Information Technology. By partnering with NSFAS, Capricorn TVET College aims to remove financial barriers and enable students to focus on their studies, acquiring the skills necessary for successful careers.

Ekurhuleni East TVET College, with multiple campuses in the Ekurhuleni region, provides NSFAS funding to eligible students. The college offers a variety of programs, including Business Studies, Engineering Studies, and Hospitality. By availing of NSFAS support, Ekurhuleni East TVET College seeks to empower students to pursue their educational aspirations and contribute to the growth of the economy.

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Access to financial aid is crucial for many students aspiring to enrol in TVET colleges in South Africa. Umfolozi TVET College, Central Johannesburg TVET College, Tshwane South TVET College, Capricorn TVET College, and Ekurhuleni East TVET College are some of the institutions that offer NSFAS funding, ensuring that deserving students have the opportunity to access quality higher education. By partnering with NSFAS, these colleges contribute to breaking the financial barriers and creating a pathway for students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for successful careers.

For general, student and NSFAS Wallet enquiries

For all other queries regarding students:

Tel No.: 08000 67327

Email: info@nsfas.org.za

Physical Address

The Halyard, 4 Christiaan Barnard St,

Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001


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