Buffalo City College Contact Details

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Buffalo City College Contact Details

Buffalo City College Contact Details How do I contact Buffalo City College?

If you’re looking to reach out to Buffalo City TVET College, whether to inquire about courses, seek information about admissions, or access various support services, having the right contact details is essential. In this article, we provide you with up-to-date contact information for Buffalo City TVET College, ensuring that you can connect with the college easily and efficiently. Whether you prefer email, phone calls, or visiting in person, the contact details outlined below will help you stay connected with Buffalo City.

Staying connected with Buffalo City TVET College is vital for accessing information, getting assistance, and exploring educational opportunities. The contact details provided above ensure that you can reach out to the college’s administration, and campus-specific departments, and even connect through social media. Whether you have general inquiries or require campus-specific information, utilize these contact details to establish effective communication with TVET College. Stay connected, stay informed, and embark on a successful educational journey with Buffalo City TVET College.

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General Contact Information (How do I contact Buffalo City College?)

These general contact details serve as a starting point for any general inquiries or information about the college. Feel free to use these channels to connect with the college’s administration and get the answers you need. To reach the main administration of the College, you can use the following contact details:

Campus-Specific Contact Details

Use the specific contact details below if you have inquiries or require information about a particular campus or program. The campus-specific channels ensure that you connect with the relevant departments and personnel to address your needs effectively. Buffalo City TVET College operates multiple campuses, each specializing in different fields of study. Here are the contact details for the various campuses:

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  • East London Campus

Lukin Street, Southernwood,
East London, 5200
Tel:043 704 9200
Email: admin@bccollege.co.za

  • John Knox Bokwe Campus

Mfaxa Street,N.U 1 Mdantsane
East London, 5200
Tel:043 051 2070
Email: admin@bccollege.co.za

  • King Street Campus

17 King Street, Southernwood,
East London, 5200
Tel:043 722 4949
Email: admin@bccollege.co.za

  • St Marks Campus

St Marks Street, Southernwood,
East London, 5200
Tel:043 743 6554

Buffalo City College Contact Details

Buffalo City TVET College maintains an active online presence through various social media platforms. Connecting with the college through these channels can provide you with updates, news, and announcements.  By following or liking these social media pages, you can stay informed about the latest happenings, events, and important information from Buffalo City TVET College. Here are the official social media accounts for Buffalo City TVET College:


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