Do You Pay Fees at iCOLLEGE?

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Do You Pay Fees at iCOLLEGE?

Do You Pay Fees at iCOLLEGE? What does iCOLLEGE offer?

Choosing the right educational institution involves considering various factors, including the fee structure. If you’re considering iCOLLEGE as your preferred educational destination, understanding the payment process and fee structure is essential. In this article, we will delve into the fee payment system at iCOLLEGE, providing you with valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about your education.

Paying fees at iCOLLEGE is an important aspect of your educational journey, and understanding the fee structure is crucial for effective financial planning. By familiarizing yourself with the tuition fees, available payment options, and potential financial aid opportunities, you can make informed decisions regarding your education at iCOLLEGE. Remember to consult iCOLLEGE directly or refer to their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding fees and payment processes.


The value of the iCOLLEGE FULLY PAID SETA-ACCREDITED COURSES AND UPSKILLING PROGRAMMES that we offer students is R42 000! All book fees and study materials are FREE.

The minimum requirement for a student to enrol for an iCOLLEGE PROGRAMME is a Grade 10 certificate but Grade 12 students will have preference over others. Depending on your highest qualification (the grade that you passed at school) you will be granted access to all or only some of the available PROGRAMME courses. For example, students that passed Grade 12 can register for all courses but students with a Grade 10 can only register for NQF 2 courses. We have full-time interactive classes with face-to-face facilitation. As a Private FET College, we offer students National SETA-accredited courses at various campuses nationwide.

Required Documentation

All students that apply for a PROGRAMME MUST meet these requirements:

  • South African citizen
  • Between the ages of 18-27
  • Unemployed*

***Please note that our campuses are now only offering online learning.

Our online document portal and iCOLLEGE Job Skilling and Education App will enable you to:

  • Complete your work tasks as required by your employer digitally
  • Have access to recorded and pre-recorded lectures
  • Download PoEs, Tasks and Assignments on the App
  • Learn from anywhere as long as you have access to a stable internet connection
  • Submit your tasks, assignments and PoEs to

Tuition Fees and Payment Options:

iCOLLEGE follows a structured fee system, allowing students to pay their tuition fees based on their chosen programs and study options. The exact fee amount varies depending on factors such as the program duration, level of study, and any additional services or resources included. To determine the specific fees for your desired course, it is recommended to consult iCOLLEGE directly or refer to their official website. Payment options at iCOLLEGE are designed to provide flexibility and convenience to students. The institution typically offers the following payment methods:

  • Upfront Payment:

Students have the option to pay their tuition fees in full at the beginning of their program. This method ensures that all fees are settled upfront, relieving students of the need to make subsequent payments throughout their course.

  • Instalment Plans:

iCOLLEGE often offers instalment plans to help students manage their financial commitments more effectively. These plans allow students to pay their fees in regular instalments over a specified period. It is advisable to inquire with iCOLLEGE directly about the availability and terms of their instalment plans.

Please contact our Queries department in the following ways for assistance:


Cellphone & WhatsApp:
072 679 8490
076 152 4863

Contact the landline 012 424 0160, and choose option 3 for queries.

Please contact our Queries department for assistance:


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Office hours:
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