How do I know if my Degree is Accredited?

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How do I know if my Degree is Accredited?

How do I know if my Degree is Accredited? How do I know if my qualification is accredited?

Obtaining a degree is a significant achievement that can open doors to various career opportunities. However, it is crucial to ensure that the degree you earn comes from an accredited institution. Accreditation ensures that your education meets certain standards and is recognized by employers, professional organizations, and other educational institutions. In this article, we will provide you with valuable insights on how to determine if your degree is accredited, enabling you to make informed decisions about your education.

Verifying the accreditation status of your degree is crucial for ensuring its legitimacy and acceptance in the academic and professional realms. By conducting thorough research, utilizing accrediting agency databases, and seeking guidance from relevant professionals, you can obtain the necessary information to confirm the accreditation of your degree. Remember, an accredited degree not only enhances your career prospects but also assures the quality and standard of your education.

Research Accrediting Agencies:

Accrediting agencies play a vital role in evaluating and accrediting educational institutions and their programs. Start by researching reputable accrediting agencies that operate in your country or region. For example, in the United States, you can look for accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Check the Institution’s Website: How do I know if my qualification is accredited?

Visit the official website of the educational institution that granted your degree. Most accredited institutions prominently display their accreditation status on their websites. Look for specific information about the accrediting agency that has evaluated and approved the institution. Verify the agency’s legitimacy by cross-checking it with the list of recognized accrediting agencies in your country.

***Ask the Institution

Before you go down an online rabbit hole, contact the institution you want to study with. Tell them what course you want to study and then they’ll be able to tell you if it’s accredited. If it is, they’ll provide you with an accreditation number.

Utilize Accrediting Agency Databases:

Accrediting agencies often maintain databases or directories that provide information about accredited institutions and their programs. These databases are easily accessible online and can help you verify the accreditation status of your degree. Look for your institution in these databases and confirm that it is listed as an accredited institution.

Contact the Accrediting Agency:

If you are unable to find clear information about accreditation on the institution’s website or in the databases, reach out directly to the accrediting agency. Contact their office or visit their website to obtain accurate and up-to-date information about the institution’s accreditation status. Accrediting agencies are usually helpful in providing information to individuals seeking verification.

Consult with Professional Organizations and Licensing Boards:

Certain professions or occupations require degrees from accredited institutions for licensure or certification. Check with relevant professional organizations and licensing boards in your field to confirm if your degree meets their accreditation requirements. They can provide you with valuable insights and guidance regarding the legitimacy of your degree.

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Seek Guidance from Educational Advisors:

If you are still unsure about the accreditation status of your degree, seek guidance from educational advisors or career counsellors. These professionals are well-versed in educational matters and can assist you in navigating the accreditation landscape. They can provide accurate information, help you interpret accreditation status, and guide you towards reputable educational institutions if necessary.


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