Ikhala Tvet College Queenstown Contact Details

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Ikhala Tvet College Queenstown Contact Details

Ikhala Tvet College Queenstown Contact Details How many campuses does Ikhala have?

When it comes to contacting Ikhala TVET College Queenstown, having the right contact details at your fingertips is essential. Whether you are a prospective student seeking course information or a current student in need of assistance, accessing the correct contact information will help you connect with the college efficiently. In this article, we provide you with up-to-date details for Ikhala TVET College Queenstown, ensuring that you can reach out to them easily and receive the necessary support.

Having access to the right contact details is crucial for staying connected with Ikhala TVET College Queenstown. Whether you are a prospective student seeking information or a current student in need of support, the contact details provided above will ensure efficient communication with the college’s administration, student support services, and admissions office. Stay connected, stay informed, and make the most of your educational journey at Ikhala TVET College Queenstown.

  1. General Contact Information (How many campuses does Ikhala have?)

These general contact details serve as a starting point for any general inquiries or information you may need. Feel free to use these channels to connect with the college’s administration and get the answers you require. To get in touch with the administration of Ikhala TVET College Queenstown, you can use the following details:

  1. Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Office is dedicated to providing support to students throughout their academic journey. Whether you need guidance on course selection, academic counselling, or assistance with administrative processes, this office will be able to assist you effectively. If you are a current student at Ikhala TVET College Queenstown and need assistance with academic or administrative matters, there are specific departments and contact details to reach out to:

  • Student Support Services Office:
  • Phone: +27 (0) 45 839 3550
  • Email: queenstown@ikhala.edu.
  1. Admissions and Enquiries

The Admissions Office will provide you with information regarding the admission process, entry requirements, available courses, and any other queries you may have. Reach out to this office for a comprehensive understanding of the programs offered at Ikhala TVET College Queenstown. Prospective students who are interested in enrolling at Ikhala TVET College Queenstown can use the following contact details to inquire about admissions and courses:


  1. Social Media and Online Platforms

Ikhala TVET College Queenstown maintains an active online presence through various social media platforms. Following their social media accounts can provide you with updates, news, and announcements. Stay connected with Ikhala TVET College Queenstown by following their social media accounts to receive the latest information and engage with the college community. Here are the official social media accounts for Ikhala TVET College Queenstown:

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general inquiries

Zone D, Gwadana Drive, Ezibeleni

Eastern Cape, South Africa, 5326
+27 (0) 45 873 8800
+27 (0) 047 873 8844


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